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Increase your company’s sales through the use of our integrated E-Commerce and Search Engine Optimization services.

Why is 2013 a good time for you to add these services?

I like the idea, but cashflow is tight. No problem. Our leasing company is currently offering leases with payments of only $99 per month for the first 6 months*. For purchases made during 2013 we are also giving a rebate of $594, or the first 6 monthly payments. That means that you can take advantage of this offer with no out of pocket expense for 6 months.

Aren’t all those E-Commerce sites cookie cutter? Absolutely not. Each site is custom designed to your company’s branding and marketing needs.

What is the time frame for go live? Typically an E-Commerce site can be implemented in under 3 months. Search engine optimization is then performed while the site is live so that by the time you make your first payment you are already generating revenue.

What does this do for my bottom line? For the first 6 months there are no expenses, and leases are available for as little as $500 per month after that. One company did $1,500 in sales in their first month and grew to $40,000 per month after 3 months of search engine optimization services.

How do I find out more? Please contact us by phone at 865.694.2007, or by email at Barry@bcrsoftware.com.

* With approved credit.

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